Life Decisions Group provides resources and programming materials targeted for teens and adults that are designed for individual or group use in secondary schools, colleges, community and social agencies, and companies to teach people how to make important academic, career, and personal decisions.

It's Your Decision for Teens, A Commonsense Guide to Making Better Choices  *Available in Spanish. 

This guidebook was designed to provide useful tools to help teens make life decisions regarding education, fields of study, careers, relationships, living and work environments, health and wellness, and leisure. The book is a valuable resource for any teen.


and the original:

It's Your Decision, A Commonsense Guide to Making Better Choices

This book was written with the college experience in mind. College students of any age can learn how to make important decisions that will motivate them to complete their degrees and attain a fulfilling career.


The Be Life Ready® Guidebook

A concise resource to help people gather insight and information about themselves which will help address many academic, career, and personal decisions. The guidebook can be used as a valuable learning tool by individuals who want to achieve greater success in school, work, and life, or it can be utilized by anyone in a position to influence and teach others the skills to be life ready.



Student Success Planner  

This portfolio can be used starting in the 6th grade and updated in each following year to help students collect and organize the information they will need to make the personal, educational, and career decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. Contact to order planners.



Keys to Student Success

This guidebook was developed in partnership with the National Association of Basketball Coaches to support the Stay in to Win student success and dropout prevention program by providing practical perspectives and commonsense approaches to help students learn to make academic, career, and personal decisions necessary to achieve success. Contact to order guidebooks.