Be Life Ready®

Be Life Ready was created to act as a catalyst to inspire teens and adults to reach their full potential by utilizing commonsense approaches and practical information included in 9 Keys to Be Life Ready which will help create a more satisfying life and increase academic, career, and personal success.

Stay in to Win

A partnership in conjunction with the National Association of Basketball Coaches, NABC, which addresses the nation’s dropout crisis. College coaches and players deliver a positive message focused on Keys to Student Success using basketball terminology to incorporate determination and teamwork into success strategies for youth.

Creating a Culture of Student Success™ 

This program, designed in support of Partners for Cultures of Student Success, a 501© 3 organization, addresses two of the most significant challenges facing educators today, retention and graduation rates. Administrators can access materials to develop positive school environments where educators and students can create cultures which emphasize, encourage and engender success.